Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I feel like yelling,
but no sound comes out,
I feel like looking around me,
but I see only blackness.
Maybe if I come home to sing
men accomplishments when I
don't sing or hear music anymore
situations would change.
What have we done to ourselves,
I would not know where to start
I only see desolation, sickness,
greed and no love for mankind,
nature or animals, but I do see selfishness.
So I will stay where I am in the
darkness of the night and let the
moon play around me until I
tire and  go to sleep with the stars
hoping that tomorrow will bring
changes so much needed to live a
long life........                   


marylea said...

It's true. As I have grown older, it seems I need more forbearance for the accumulated inequities and slights I observe or experience. Maybe some of the wisdom we acquire over time comes from taking the long view, and trusting in the providence that made all this beauty in the first place. People can be inconsiderate and very short sighted creatures, treating one another and nature, too, with little regard. As I've told my friends and family before, men will nearly always disappoint us, but God, who is Love, never disappoints us.

1234 said...

Again thank you for your comment and hope to read some your material also.