Monday, February 13, 2017

"Sto Perigiali"

This greek poem was composed in 1931,
 refers to a small shore and cove in Konnos,
Cyprus.  If you dare click on the link below.

Sto Perigiali

On the hidden shore
white as a dove
we got thirsty at midday;
but the water salt.
On the golden sand,
we wrote her name;
How lovely the wind blew
and the writing was wiped out.
With what heart, what spirit,
what desires and passion
we took on our life. Wrong!
and we changed it.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

For music lovers

In 1996,  I was in southern of Italy  for visiting
and vacationing with some local friends.
We stopped in the village of  Cellino San Marco.
Our friends invited us to go out for a meal at the
hacienda of Mr.Albano & Romina Power.
Mrs.Romina Power was a splendid host and with
a smile talked to me in English not to make me feel
uncomfortable with my Italian.  If there is paradise
then it must be in that part of Italy.  Unfortunately
right after the disappearance of their daughter (never
found alive or death) they broke up, she went her way
looking and searching for her daughter and in the end
not only did she loose her daughter but also her husband
Albano whom she divorced.  A few years later he remarried
and has two children with the other companion.  But deep
down the flame that burns in his heart is Romina.
Now they started to sing again on some occasions
and the emotions are for the world to see and feel.
But in his heart the love is there and he sings it in
this song that I invite you to go and listen. 
His voice is a little unstable due to open
heart surgery not long ago.  Will they ever go back together
I do not believe so.  Too many events (mostly sad ones)
will make it that they will only be together again when
both are gone....

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Not on me....

The sense of humor of some people is just fantastic.
My area is populated by more dogs than people, 
no problem here for me.  What I object to is the lack
of respect from the owners of these pooches.  They
want pets (OK by me) but when these little friends 
need the potty why bring them in public parks or my
front yard.  You can easily make a portable doggy
potty and use it whenever the needs arise. I object
to pick up your pet's sh..... or the plastic bag that you
use to dispose of his poop and then put it on my
front yard, or just launched it in the public parks,
what about my right to walk on pristine snow and not
to worry about your excrement, so with a little angel
and a  not doggy poops, hope you will get the message
otherwise I will take drastic actions to report you to the
dog police (which is me) and then we will see who will
have the last laughs.                              

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flip - flops of nature

This friend was jumping and flipping up and down
from the cold temperature but mostly due to
a bright sunshine day after seeing 6 gray winter days...

Hurrrraaaaaa for nature and those who built this

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our globe....

Our globe is so mixed up that it doesn't
care if it lives or dies.
WE, the ones who should be the custodians,
are neglecting our duties.
There is no more normalcy in the weather,
the seasons are non existent and we just
ignore the messages received on a daily basis.
Earthquake, floods, tornadoes, drought, snow
storms, ice storms and many more. 
What are we leaving as a legacy to the future
generations? or will there be future generations
when no one cares anymore.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's talk

Even the darkness invading my spirit
is impotent to stop my cries for a brighter day.
I hear the wind calling me,
imploring me to follow him behind the horizon
of haze that keeps chocking me and robbing me
of my life.
My eyes, not so alert like those of the hawks
that flies overhead wanting to show me the
way out of the haze.  I feel shivers run through
my body, but my feet are hot like red coals not
wanting to run anymore.
my face is white or could it be red at some point,
but maybe it could be black also during the
pitch darkness of the night wanting a true me to
come out.
I stand there and slowly, so slowly just start to sway
hoping maybe that my bad dream has ended with the rise
of the new day and the help that is extended to me ....

NB: this month is the month of
"Let's talk... do not be frightened to ask for help".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Call for help

I'm silently sitting here wandering why I do not feel
sorry for myself or anyone else in this world.
My mind is just floating around and around to no
avail in finding a place where I could certainly
go and do something worthwhile.
Do I hear little hammers in my head?
how can anyone live day in day out with such a
noise, is inconceivable to me.
Is there a way to stop that drumming without
playing around with one's sanity.
I read about it,
I listen about it.
I argue about it.
I run away from it.
Until I stop and it reaches me again,
almost mad at me for running away from it.
This is well hidden to the eyes of the world,
no one really believes me when I act strange
or stop acting altogether.
Society is a funny group of animals ready to
pounce on you if you are not like them.
I have an ordinary life on certain days and
atrocious days when I can't manage my brain.
I found solace in a tiny bird who settled
his nest right under my window, every day
I look at his struggles for survival against
predators like squirrels, bigger birds, the
lonely wandering cat, the dog that keeps
running and then backs away, and all this is
for his offspring who can't even fly yet.
He's very courageous in protecting his
environment and is always on guard even
against me who keep spying on his everyday
life. So know I learned that if I want to stop
the drumming, I have to stand up and stop
the drummer from beating those drums -
that drummer is ME and only me can come
out of it and with the help of the next bird family
that will come and live in the empty nest at
the bottom of my window.

NB: I tried to put myself in the head of a person
who might or might not admit that they have
a mental condition, so if this can help in anyway
I'm happy for the person, plus just ask for help.   

One after another

Is it possible that the earth keeps on
shaking always at the same place!
For one who has experienced an
extremely mild tremor, I do not know
what it feels like to see everything
crumbling around you.
If you are young and in decent health
you can always run to try to shelter
yourself.  If my memory is right, we
(children) were told to hide under a
table, a door frame, or just get the hell
out as fast as you are able to do it.
But in life not everyone can run, crawl
or even protect themselves from the
wrath of nature. When it hits, you
tend to loose your balance, panic
settle in you and as such you loose
all the control and knowledge that was
instilled in you.  I do not wish these
types of experiences on anyone, but
then life is not always what we would
like to be....
I do not know how to pray anymore,
but maybe if I could, I would go and
offer my help in any type or manner
possible.  To give money - is to throw
it to the wind, better give it to the
people themselves who know exactly
what help they need.  I have seen cases
where crates of clothes, food & water
opened by those who had to transport
it to these people, took out what they
wanted, re-closed the crates and send it
out without those goods.
No way, because had there been a "spirit,
lord, or whatever you want to call it"
he/it would have not permitted such a
breakdown of human love for one's
brother, sister or family.......

shhhhhh. just listen