Thursday, May 5, 2016

Never ending Dusk ....

"Oh how I missed these show
of nature for the world to see.
Colors of sublime purity
painted on the skies right under
my eyes. No need for a master
painter or a can sprayed by young
ones. The easel is there, the
paint ready, the shadows,
highlights and soft breeze are
just around the corner to be
mixed and splashed for the
profane like me to try to steal
with a tiny box, that promises
to render justice... but to no
avail, mankind can't compete
with nature art, no matter how
hard we try".

NB: Extreme wildfires in the Province of
Alberta Fort McMurray, some photos
to make you cring from fear.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look around

Beauty is all around
how many times did you stop
look and said silently:
"I'm happy to be part of this
world, compared to others
who can't even dream of
stopping and look around....".

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweet honey

Spring is finally arrived and the best 
maple sirop is around also in all shapes and
color, just like our little friend here with a huge
smile because the season is going just as he
loves it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Native home

Returning to ones' root
is crucial in the life
of those who had to leave
their birth country.
The sun is the same,
the sky too, mountains are high
but eventually they meet. 
The moon makes a trip
every twenty four hours.
This is to remind me, you, us
that distance does not exists
if we have the love for the earth
that heard our first cries,
our first laughs or our first
bad luck.  Oh how I miss the smells,
the noise even the calamities of that
small town or borough where I first
opened my eyes and knowing that
I might not see or feel again the air
of my native home, I cry the silent
tears just like the old warriors did
a long time ago....

Sunday, April 17, 2016

3 earth shakes in a few days....

A view of the world can be so depressing...
Just late mid morning today we heard on
tv and radio about the earth rumbling from
one end of our planet to the other. 
Some countries are hit frequently, others
after a few years but the results are the
same.  Death and destruction are countless,
other countries are watching and praying that
their turn will not come.  But no one is really
saying oh those people must have done
something terribly wrong to get that faith.
People WE are killing those who do not
wake up, those who can't defend themselves
from these calamities and still we are only
good to watch, shed a tear and keep going on.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A child's painting

In a corner of an enchanted park
grew a tree, but not any tree.
Millenium was his name. It was high
and strong, roots bulging from
the earth belly. Surrounded by
more gorgeous and luminous trees
he felt strange to be the only spice
there amongst all the others.
Then one day a very special child
misunderstood by it's peers
came and sat under the tree with
huge tears rolling down his baby
face. "Why are you crying said the
strange tree..." no one wants to play
with me because I'm not normal,
I don't look in people eyes, I don't
talk if I can help it, I go myself and
I look a little strange.
The tree said: My little friend look at
me, am I more beautiful than the others
here? No you are not, but you are a
tree and I'm just a little child.
The tree whispering gently said,
Do not be in a rush to look like everyone
else, but be yourself and like you just did
by coming to confide in me, than one day
you too will be able to listen to another
little boy who need a helping shoulder to
lean on and have a good cry to finally
get up and head held high will finally
accept that he is not just the average
child around.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A book

A book is a treasure in itself.
Containing big words, small words
Happy words and at times sad words,
but there's always a story behind each
page, each crease, every single nuances
to captivate the attention of a reader.
The feeling of touching paper,
the smell emanating from each opening of
covers is something that only a certain
category of people will every know.
Save the books, respect them as much as
possible they are the treasure of your life
and a conduct to follow....

Modern beast

There is a beast in me...
no one has managed to tame me.
I'm from the wild life
I would die if ever I loose
the beast in me.
Do not feel sorrow for me
I was born and I will die like this
People have tried but I scare them
away I don't relish loosing my
freedom even at the cost of my

shhhhhh. just listen